ASML Group Is Carrying Out A Large-Scale Voluntary Cleaning Operation In Nouakchott

Convinced of the importance and necessity of the clean-up campaign in the capital Nouakchott, the ASML group carried out a voluntary campaign on Saturday (August 24th), which included the old airport area and the strip adjacent to the Dar el-Naeem district, in addition to the cleaning of Omar Tal and Mamadou Konate streets in the center of Nouakchott. Voluntary work on the shipment of 450 tons of dirt was emptied at the landfill at kilometer 11 on the road of Nouakchott – Rosso has volunteered three hundred and twenty workers from various companies of the group for the process of cleaning and removal of dirt and consolidation of the values ​​of volunteer work and to continue to follow the approach, Group A decided SML group – By God – Allocate the third Saturday of each month for various activities related to the topic: humane, health and environment ….

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